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Living Song is full of endless, music education possibilities. Developed for schools and youth groups, it is a London, UK based company, where inspirational singing projects and pathways are created and facilitated by talented, experienced and reflective vocal artists and musicians in partnership with teachers.

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Vocal Collective East London: Young Music Mentors (YMMs)

Through Living Song, these outstanding young singers aged 16-26 from East London’s Solid Harmony, NewYVC, Stratford East Singers and beyond are brought together for special events and performances by request.
Just last week 8 singers sang their hearts out, invited by Youth Music, to help ICAP raise charity funds. These were Joseph Adelakun, Mohan Dhar, Amina Gichinga, Nadine Dyer, Laura Purling, Rivershaw and Wenona. … Continue reading »

NewYVC (New Young Voice Collective). A case study.

Jane Wheeler at William Ellis SchoolNew YVC is a dynamic choir of 10-18 year olds who are resident at Stratford Circus, led by musical directors Jane Wheeler and Pam Hulme. Stratford Circus, in partnership with Living Song, successfully bid for funding from Youth Music and Newham Music Hub to support the development of this choir over a 2 year period.
The primary aim of this funded project is to establish a world class youth choir, recognised for excellence, innovation and inclusion, developing singing skills, confidence and leadership skills through the pursuit of musical excellence. The project brings together organisations and individuals from Newham and other east London boroughs to create a singing community. Read more in NewYVC (New Young Voice Collective). A case study. »

Speak Out! Sing Out! Anti bullying through song writing project – Rokeby Boys school

Speak Out! Sing Out! is an innovative, creative, one day workshop devised through Living Song in preparation for Anti Bullying awareness building in primary and secondary schools. We work with a whole class, or group, KS2 and 3 to compose a song collaboratively, developing language of emotional literacy. On Weds 19th Nov, Linton Bennett, Amina Gichinga, Georgia Thorpe, and Jane Wheeler worked with 25 boys from across yr 7 – 10 at Rokeby Boys School to create an new song in this way. Read more in Speak Out! Sing Out! Anti bullying through song writing project – Rokeby Boys school »

World Voice programme, British Council

From Barranquilla, ColombiaJane Wheeler of Living Song is proud to be a vocal leader on the World Voice programme. This is is a musical cultural exchange focusing on a mode of expression that children from all backgrounds and cultures are familiar with and enjoy – song. The project involves highly-skilled vocal leaders working with teachers and pupils to offer a unique and lively range of approaches and techniques to deliver singing, which it is hoped will inspire them to use song throughout the school day. Read more in World Voice programme, British Council »

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